Volumetric micro-batch feeders

Volumetric micro-batch feeders MC 250 / MC 500


Volumetric micro-batch Feeders series MC 250 and MC 500

MC micro-batch feeders are the best products that modern technology can offer to provide accurate and precise dosage of grains and powders. Dosage precision depends on the material to be dosed and varies from 0.41 to 3%.

Such precision is ensured by a special feeder screw and by a stirring helix situated on the same axis. Easy access into the homogenizing trough allows rapid and easy cleaning.


  • motor
  • homogenizing trough
  • stirring helix
  • feeder screw
  • inspection plate
  • bag splitting hopper
  • vibrator (for series 500 only)
  • separator (for series 500 only)