Automatic bag splitter

Automatic Bag splitter


Automatic bag splitters for material handling find frequent applications in the ceramic, glaze and stain, depuration, chemical, pharmaceutical and building industries.

Our automatic bag splitter is robustly built in carbon or stainless steel and capable of dealing with bags of various shapes, sizes and materials.

A variety of bag loading systems is also available: left, right or top.

Let us examine just few advantages of our 'RS' automatic bag splitter:

  • compact size
  • low energy consumption
  • no powder loss - clean working environment
  • easy servicing
  • low cost

Mechanical simplicity ensures easy installation with all material transport systems. The loading hopper can be loaded manually or from a conveyor belt. inside the hopper, bags are first splitted and then transferred to the rotary screen where they remain for a time pending on the type of a materialns involved. Pieces of bag, now free from contents, are removed from the machine by adjustable blades. The material contained in the bags falls throught the screen into a collector. From here it is removed by an extractor screw which feed the transport line downstram. Material can be conveyed to a storage tank or to a hopper under the bag splitter. From these temporary storage points material can finally be transferred to silos using vertical feed screws or bucket lifts. Pneumatic powder transport systems can also be used.

We need to know the following specifications to customise our machines to your own requirements:

  • the sizes and weight of bags handled
  • type of bag material (paper, plastic...) and its thickness (number of ply)
  • hourly throughput required
  • type and physical characteristics of the material handled


  • feed hood
  • bag breaking blades
  • rotary screen
  • unloading hood
  • blade drive group
  • screen drive group