Rotating Drum Mixer
Category: Mixers for Powder

Rotating Drum Mixer series MTR and MTC

This type of mixer is especially versatile and can be used in all the industrial sectors for manufacturing the raw materials, where granulate and powder products must be mixed.

Therefore, this machine includes several basic features such as:

  • high productivity
  • good mixing
  • extreme smoothness in the product treatment

The most important features of this mixer are:

  • high productivity. As this machines operates continuosly, it eliminates every dead time
  • extreme product mixing smoothness - it is specially indicates when granulate products must be mixed without modifying the product itself
  • variable rotation speed and position, enabling to choose among different delivery option and mixing degrees

Main components:

  • bearing strusture, in carbone steel, with adjustable supporting feet fot the drum driven inclination
  • rotating drum in stainless steel
  • rotating drum supporting wheels
  • stainless steel loading mouth
  • stainless steel unloading mouth with inspection door
  • motor driving unit, formed by ratiomotor and V-belt transmission

Mixer serie MTC

The mixer MTC works continuously and its task is to make the (spry-dried) product coming from sacks homogneous. The main feature of the mixer is to guarantee good homogenizing of the product, perserving its features.

The main parts forming the machine are:

  • fixed bearing structure made of carbon steel with supporting feet and hinges for the fastening of the frame that can be variously oriented
  • bearing carbon steel frame that can be variously oriented
  • rotating stainless steel drum supported by a central shaft fastened on supports with ball bearings
  • stainless steel load hopper
  • stainless steel unload hopper with material outlet control bulkhead
  • motor-driving unit consisting of a ratiomotor and chain transmission

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